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Help with Sales Tax Settings
This article is designed to explain the Sales Tax tools available within FarmHappy. Please be aware that as a marketplace venue, FarmHappy cannot provide specific tax advice. It's the responsibility of each FarmHappy seller to research their local laws about collecting and reporting taxes for their FarmHappy sales. Tax regulations vary by location. If you're unsure about sales tax, we recommend that you consult an accountant or tax expert in your area.
In your store's Tax Settings, FarmHappy asks you to define your Primary Tax State and the tax rate for that state. You can also indicate if local delivery charges and/or shipping charges are subject to sales tax.
If your farm has nexus (sufficient physical presence) in only one state and you collect sales tax at a specific rate for your entire state, you will not need to use Advanced Settings. Simply enter your Primary Tax State and Tax Rate, indicate if local delivery charges and or shipping charges are taxable, save your changes, and you're done. Now for any items that you flag as taxable in the Item Editor, FarmHappy will compute sales tax upon checkout for customers who pick up their orders within your Primary Tax State or have their orders shipped within your Primary Tax State.
If you have nexus in more than one state or need to charge specific sales tax rates to other states or within specific zip codes, you can use the Advanced Settings within the Tax Settings. FarmHappy will use you tax settings for zip codes first, and if no match is made to a customer's zip code, it will use your tax settings for states. Sales tax will be calculated for items you flag as taxable in the Item Editor.
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